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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I've been taking a hiatus in blogging recently due to two major things! If you don't follow me on facebook, then it's hard to know why I've been MIA....

#1 reason is because my family and I have decided to permanently move back to Vancouver BC Canada! Our move will officially take place during mid April and this past month we've been so busy selling our condo and getting ready to pack all our belongings. It's a very bittersweet moment because we've established so many great things here in the last 7 years!

Glancing back, I started my nursing career in labor and delivery in 2005, my photography business took off in 2006, my two babies were born in San Francisco (yes they will have dual citizenship), and mostly all the friendships we've made along the way! Don't get me wrong, moving back home will definitely have it's benefits too :) The most important is having our family nearby! I'm planning to take the rest of the year off from nursing and I'll finally be able to focus more on photography, so that will be exciting!

#2 reason is I've been busy building my new blog in the midst of everything else! While I'm preparing to establish and grow my photography business in Vancouver, I wanted to re-brand and design a new blog that reflects my taste and personality.

So here it is, from now on you can follow me at

SEE YOU ALL THERE!!! Don't forget to bookmark the new blog :)

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