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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family Session: The Burgers


Today was a perfect overcast day to photograph the Burger family! Nick and Brandi are two wonderful parents to Rex and Kendall. Kendall is their family dog. She is 13 years old and was sadly diagnosed with cancer just recently :( I was asked by Brandi to help photograph their family in hopes to capture cherished moments because they dont' know how much longer Kendall might have. We began the photo session at their house, and then walked to a nearby park. It was pretty challenging trying to get little Rex to cooperate and smile for the camera because he was FULL of energy! Grab a coffee, because there are a lot of pictures ahead! It was hard to narrow down my favorites for the day :)

Meet Rex, he likes to hide under the couch :)

One day, Rex will fit into his dad's shoes..

Today, Rex likes to run...this picture pretty much sums up the challenge we had :)

Rex likes to climb up and down..

Rex likes to push his little red car..

Rex likes to open doors..

Rex also likes to throw little tantrums when he doesn't get his way :)




When Rex was about to throw another tantrum, the parents decided to join in :)




Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Portrait Session with Catherine

I had the pleasure of photographing Catherine earlier this morning at the Golden Gate park! She'll be receiving her Communion next month and I've been asked to document that day :) Catherine's mom also wanted some headshots of her prior to the Communion so she can make invitations for this special event.

When I first met Catherine this morning, she just woke up and was a little shy :) But as soon as she saw my camera pointing her way, Catherine gave me the sweetest smile! I thought it was so adorable that she could give such a genuine smile on demand that could easily be turned on and off like a switch! Catherine really made my job easy with her photogenic smile :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yosemite National Park


The past weekend, I went on a family trip to Yosemite National Park (3.5 hour drive East of San Francisco). The family shoot I wanted to do didn't exactly work out as I had planned! It felt cumbersome using the tripod, especially since there were too many people around being the Easter long weekend and all. So instead, I just captured random memories of our trip! Take a break because there's a lot of pictures ahead!

Love, LOVE, LOVE the vibrant colors of my new Sigma Fisheye 2.8! I didn't even have to edit the colors in Lightroom to make this picture POP!

my cute mom and pops

The two most important & influential men in my life :)

my Dear hubby being the fob that he is!


Marvelling at one of the tall thousand year old trees found at Yosemite

Lower Yosemite Falls

Playing with textures for the next 3 photos

The Infamous Half Dome


My quick attempt at a family portrait before someone walking into the frame!

I heart my tripod :)

At the Ahwahnee Hotel built in 1929

Last picture on our way home!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter from a Bad Blogger!

To my dedicated blog readers (if I have any at all), I apologize for not posting anything "new" or "fun" for the past week. As you might already know, I'm spending a lot of quality time with my parents who are here to visit me from Vancouver :) I will be leaving to Yosemite today and will be back later tomorrow evening. I'm definately not in shape to climb the half dome in case any of you were wondering, but I hope I can still snap some pictures of it!

While I'm in the lovely meadows of Yosemite, I thought it would be quite amusing if I did my own outdoor family portraits with my dear husband, Dad & Mom. So check back in a couple days to see those pictures!

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, March 21, 2008


California Nurses Assocation (CNA) began its 10 day strike this morning! I debated long and hard whether I would cross or honor the picket line, since this will be one of the longest strikes yet for the 10 Sutter Health hospitals serving the bay area. Scare tactics and rumors have been floating around at work for weeks now, whether RNs would be locked out if we striked -- and for how long, no one could tell us. Without a doubt, this would be financially devastating to all of us. I will not even begin to preach what CNA is fighting for in our contract, but it is definately for the benefit of our patients and nurses. In support of my fellow coworkers and other RNs who work hard for their patients, I've decided to strike. Let's hope we get a fair contract and all of this will end soon. Give support to your nurses on strike!

On another side note, Happy Good Friday everyone!!!!!!!