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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Easter with Evie

Meet Genevieve Olivia Brosas! She's 6 months old and cute as a clam! Everyone calls her "Evie" for short! She came over yesterday with Michelle & Donavan for an Easter shoot :) She's not quite able to sit up on her own, and we heard "Thunk!" after falling over a few times! Daddy Donovan is a police officer in El Cerrito, and one would think he's a big tough guy! But around little Evie, he's the cutest Dad and would do anything for his little girl :) Even if he had to wear a pink flower headband! LOVE IT!


Anonymous said...

Even though she wasn't as playful and talkative as she usually is, you made my baby look even more beautiful than she already is! The pictures of Evie turned out awsome! Thanks Kathy!


punkass-l said...

i enjoy the b+w one with her eyes closed, so delightfully serene.