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Sunday, March 9, 2008

One year older = One more wrinkle

To everyone who called, texted, or left a message on Facebook or Myspace to wish me a Happy Birthday--THANK YOU! Tonight when I opened my email, I was super surprised when I received a massive amount of messages -- all to wish me a Happy Birthday! Thanks again for taking the time to write, you all made me feel special today :)

I'm in LA for the weekend, and will be back early Tuesday morning March 11 :) I've been away from the computer since Friday, and I've been just ITCHING to log on!!!! Not being able to go on the computer for me is like losing my cell phone or handbag -- I feel as if I'm completely helpless and lost!! But most of all, I feel disconnected to all my family and friends, whom I keep in touch with on the net!

Stay tuned for some random pictures of LA in my next post!

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