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Friday, March 21, 2008


California Nurses Assocation (CNA) began its 10 day strike this morning! I debated long and hard whether I would cross or honor the picket line, since this will be one of the longest strikes yet for the 10 Sutter Health hospitals serving the bay area. Scare tactics and rumors have been floating around at work for weeks now, whether RNs would be locked out if we striked -- and for how long, no one could tell us. Without a doubt, this would be financially devastating to all of us. I will not even begin to preach what CNA is fighting for in our contract, but it is definately for the benefit of our patients and nurses. In support of my fellow coworkers and other RNs who work hard for their patients, I've decided to strike. Let's hope we get a fair contract and all of this will end soon. Give support to your nurses on strike!

On another side note, Happy Good Friday everyone!!!!!!!

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