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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

End of 2007, Happy 2008!

2007 has been a huge year of good changes! To name a few, my fiance at the time moved to San Francisco in February, we started a marble and granite manufacturing business called 'Marble Impressions Inc.' in April, we had our wedding in Vancouver BC in September, moved into a 2 bedroom apartment in December, and shared many good memories with our family and friends along the journey :) And of course, I slowly launched myself into my photography business! Looking back, my husband and I definately accomplished A LOT this year, and I'm SO excited for all the good things to happen for 2008!

I just wanted to mention that I had a very memorable NYE celebration with our good friends from Vancouver and SF, who came and met us in Reno/Tahoe for a wicked weekend of fun! You know who u are!

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