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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My First Seminar: Captivated by The Light

I just came back from my first seminar EVER, since starting out in photography! Originally, I thought this seminar was going to be more educational so I could learn the "how to's" for specific lighting techniques. Rather, 1/3 was probably informative and the other 2/3 was spent marketing the different sponsers. The first of 4 hours was spent at the tradeshow looking at the different products offered by various vendors like, White House Custom Color, Nik Software, and of course CANON with a table full of cameras and various lenses that you could hold and play with!

Professional photographer, Ed Pierce, was a great public speaker who reviewed some basics in studio and outdoor lighting.

We started off watching some slides and learned a few topics like, different facial angles, and also watched several video clips of professionals shooting on location and their techniques.

And we all took home a DVD with expanded seminar content!

I wasn't WOWED by the seminar itself (but then again it takes a lot to WOW me these days) or left thinking "I learned so much". But it was my first time going, and I'm glad I had the opporunity :)

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