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Thursday, June 26, 2008

JOJO in Frisco

I've known Joanne since the old school days back in 1996 when we went to summer school going into the eleventh grade! Our friendship blossomed the moment we met when I saw her painting her nails in bright blue Hard Candy nail polish :) From high school to University at Simon Fraser, we were tied to the hips and spent every waking moment together (NO JOKE)!!!! Jojo has been with me to the moon and back, and I'll be forever grateful for the everlasting friendship this girl has given me!

Chillaxin at Pacific Catch Restaruant with Jenny and Yuan

1 comment:

Richard H said...

Your images always have really rich tonal range and saturated colour that looks amazing. I don't know how you process your images, but it's a look I always go for.