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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring is in the Air

Have you ever seen a pigeon lay eggs? Don't worry, most people haven't. It's just something you don't get to see too often. The other day as I was washing dishes, I heard a lot of "cooe cooe" outside my kitchen window. I know I've heard pigeon activity in the past, but I never bothered to look outside---until yesterday. FYI, outside my kitchen window is a small open area between two apartments side by side. The pigeons are hiding underneath the steps of an untouched fire escape route. When I looked outside, I was so surprised and excited to see a momma and poppa pigeon!--how very cute and sweet :) And on top of that, momma pigeon was sitting on top of an egg! Spring is definately in the air! (NB: people do not eat pigeon, and if you think you've tasted one before, it's most likely a quail!)

Momma pigeon is "Nesting" -- FYI: this is also a typical human behavior seen in a pregnant mom just before they deliver their baby when they are known to clean up the house for the baby's arrival :)

I was so excited to see not one egg, but two!

Momma pigeon taking a break

Back to her babies

I will keep you updated on the birth of these two new pigeonettes! (is that even a word!? Y'all know what i mean!) You can bet that I'll be keeping a close eye on them in the next few days or weeks for their arrival!

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