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Monday, April 7, 2008

Studio Session: KAM family

My parent's 3 week trip to visit us in San Francisco is coming to an end :( They'll be leaving to Vancouver early tomorrow morning, then they're taking another trip 3 days later to China and will be gone for a month! We always joke around that my parents have a better social life than Randy and I, but I think it's totally true! During the 3 weeks of their stay, we had the total luxory of my parents cooking for us each day and we have appreciated it so much :) I'll miss them tremendously once they leave and I know it will be more quiet and lonely...but Randy and I will be taking a trip to Vancouver during mid-May for one week and then we'll get to see all my family and friends again!

My aunt (dad's sister) from LA also came to visit and spent a week with us :) Yesterday, we took some formal family photos at my home studio. Notice how I created a new signature!

The two that brought me into the world :)

Looks like an "Employee of the Month" picture! haha

My aunt! Dad's younger sister :)


Augie Chang, Photographer said...

Looks great Cathy! Good job!

Anonymous said...

aw the happy family!!! I love it...