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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Toy: Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS

A few days ago, UPS delivered one of the newest additions to my bag of goodies! I finally took the plunge and decided to splurge on this beautiful piece of glass! Let me tell you, this is one big, heavy and pricey lens! In exchange, I sold my Canon EFS 60 Macro, Canon 70-200 f/4L and Sigma 15 Fisheye to help cover the cost. It was hard to say goodbye to my trustworthy lenses, but this is a purchase that's well worth the price! I'm so excited to use it this weekend for a photo session with Gigi's family!

FYI: Canon is having their big rebate sale on select products between May 18-July 19 if you're thinking about investing in some new glass! Now is a good time to update your gear!


Augie Chang, Photographer said...

you will so love this lens. This is my primary lens for e-sessions.

mika inokoshi photography said...

oh my Cathy! You really go for the best of the best!!!!