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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Working for Augie the GREAT: Augie in Action

AUGIE CHANG, what can I say about this great photographer? Let me begin by saying this much, ever since I knew of his awesome, awesome images of art, I quickly became a HUGE fan! As a "seasoned" photographer that Augie likes to call me, we all have other photographers that we look up to who inspires us when we're starting out. Well, Augie Chang is someone that I've admired for quite some time now, and I really think he's one of the best out there! When he picked me to be one of his 2008 assistants from a gathering last year, I was floored!

So yesterday, I finally met up with Augie, and I got to see first hand at how he works during his wedding assignments. Augie is nothing but fun, honest, and gracious. I think his greatest ability besides taking awesome pictures, is that he can genuinely make everyone around him feel so comfortable and at ease. This is something I strive to be like! Thank you for taking the time to share your words of wisdom, the ropes of your thriving business and for allowing me to be part of the Augie Chang Team!

Please go to to see more of his amazing work! You'll be glad you did!

Without further adieu, I want to share some pictures that I took of "Augie in Action" and the beautiful wedding couple, Chris & Christina who married on 5.03.08 --Congratulations!

This is Augie style!

The scissor legs :)

Thanks for letting me bring my camera to sneak in some shots!

I adore Augie's creative posing techniques, and I take absolutely no credit for the following pictures of the bride poses and the group photos :)

I can't wait to see Augie's finished work for Chris and Christina's wedding!!

1 comment:

gray said...

i've never shot a wedding. those photos look like they were surgically executed. everything looks just right from composition to exposure to the last details and just about everything else.

yes he's good.