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Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Shoe Fetish

Last week, I made myself happy and bought 3 pairs of heels to add to my shoe collection :) My third one finally came in the mail today, so I HAD to take a picture to document their arrival!

Oh, how much I love my shoes...

When I saw my friend Robyn wearing these same Keds, I wanted to buy a pair too! I like it that they're casual and comfortable. I can walk in them all day with a little bit of height and I don't have to worry about tired feet!

I wanted a casual and fun pair of red-colored wedges...when I found this at Nordstrom I knew I had to buy it :)

I swear, Steve Madden must've used my feet to design the wonderful fit for all women's shoes. ALL my pumps by Steve Madden fit me like a glove and they feel SOOOO comfortable! I'm talking about heels too!

Happy shoe day everyone!

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