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Friday, July 18, 2008

Looking Back: China Part II

Though I'm Chinese, I speak fluent cantonese, was raised and taught many Chinese traditions, I'm still very Canadian. In Canada, I'm referred to as CBC (Chinese born Canadian). During my last trip to China in December 2006, there were quite a few unusual and funny things that I saw and wasn't used to. Many of the photos that I captured have been quite entertaining and interesting to me, and I want to share a few of my travel experiences with you!

At our first stop at the beach in Hainan, China, Randy was harassed by a local who was trying to sell him cheap sunglasses. I remember standing back and laughing at my husband's reaction while this was happening!

I just snapped this picture because it reminded me of the Tuk Tuks that we rode on during another past trip to Thailand

In terrible English, the sign is supposed to read Entrance: Be Careful of the Road I thought this was quite amusing at the time :)

In America when couples are dressed in similar outfits in matching color and style, it's usually quite pleasing to the eye. But not when they're dressed EXACTLY alike in tacky Hawaiin prints! We couldn't stop laughing when we kept seeing numerous couples and tourists dressing in those faux pas outfits!!

I just like how the sign behind the man reads, No Smoking. There's no excuse, it's also in Chinese characters...maybe the sign just needed to be larger :)

This picture was taken while we were riding on a tour bus, I'm not quite sure who the patrol officers were trying to stop but they looked quite serious!

In America, you will probably NEVER see this. I wonder where they were going and why they were dressed like that.

I will leave you with a picture of Randy and I on the most beautiful part of China that we went to! TGIF!!

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